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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

24 hours in a day is not enough sometimes....

It's an interesting thing when you make a decision to begin a new venture in your life. The free time that you had available for the new venture seems to have been a figment of the imagination.
I've been very busy at work. The economy has had its effect on the church (the economy issues have not been discriminatory) and we have had to scale back on staff..some positions eliminated, others reduced to part time. So as life would have it, I have absorbed a couple of positions. Blessed though I am to still be working, my 40 hr week has ballooned to 50 or...55? I don't know~ I'm afraid to look too closely.
The point is that I started college (with my handful of credits from the 1990's in tow) on Monday and I need to find a balance. Naturally, I am doubting what I thought was God prompting me to go to school. Did I really hear Him correctly? How do we KNOW when decisions we've made are not our own musings?
Maybe He's just using that sense of humor that He knows I love! Either way, I know this much ~ until I hear God speak loud and clear that I can't make this all happen, I'm in for the long haul.

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  1. Nice blog! :) It's nice to hear that you're in it "for the long haul." No matter what you're hurdling, just do your best! God will meet you there, and handle it accordingly (i.e., keep or remove things from your life). Meanwhile, I pray you find the balance you desire while enduring new ventures! God bless! ~m


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