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Friday, February 13, 2009

Maintaining faith in the hard times

It's very easy to have complete faith that God is working amazing things in your life; that He has a plan; that we are loved by Him...when things are going well in life, anyway. I've always been challenged with maintaining that level of faith when things are not going so well. This week alone, my 22 year old daughter has lashed out at me (not in a small way, either), my nephew has been hospitalized once again, my mother has been hospitalized,there was completely unforeseen financial stress, and I've been left wondering if I should bother to get out of bed. I quite literally fought the urge to return to the comfort of that bed about an hour after I awoke this morning. Yep, I feel tired and I don't know if it's physical or mental at this point.
I know God, in His infinite wisdom, works all things for good. I KNOW this...but I'll admit that when push comes to shove in my life I have to wonder how any good can come from the bad events. It's a lack of maturity in my faith ~ must be. I'm relatively new at letting Him control the outcome of things. Until a few years ago, I liked to think I had complete control. That's pretty funny, right?
It's a rough week that's thankfully coming to an end and there's always the promise of next week getting better. I'm confident that God has given me what I need to get me through whatever trial comes my way but I kinda need a breather first.
Does your faith waiver depending on the circumstances? And if it doesn't, how did you get to that point?


  1. Great blog! I think everyone's faith get's shaken from time to time--even the most "mature" Christian. There are several things I do to try to get through it, and sometimes, much like you, I struggle. I have to, basically, submerge myself in the Word. I watch it, read it, listen to it (via songs, etc..) But I make sure God's voice is the only thing that penetrates my mind. I also try to offer up sacrifices of praise (meaning, I praise God when I don't want to lol) I also like to read the story of Job, but that's cuz its a personal fav of mine. Another fav is the story about Jesus in the Garden of Geth, specifically, Matt 26:42. Despite KNOWING what He had to do, Jesus was still feeling the pressure. He had to pray, just as we do, that His will remain in line with His Father's. I also like to think about the story of Jesus asking God, while on the cross, why He had forsaken Him. (Matt 27:46) Think about it, you pray for God to take something away, but He doesn’t (and you know it's for good reason); however, while you're suffering... you feel all alone. I have to rely on my faith, my hope, and my belief that God conquers all things--and nothing in my life is done in vain, but rather, for God's kingdom--despite what the enemy wants me to think. Again, good post. And, I'll be keeping ya' in prayer. God bless! ~m

  2. While posting for a class, I found this scripture and thought of you. :)

    2 Thessalonians 1:5. Go and take a gander... :)

    God bless! ~m


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